Renovations and Re-roofing

Our team has a combined 50 years experience in Re-roofing and roof renovations. Over that time we have built a reputation as skilled and experience roof tiler that prioritise safety and on-site cleanliness

We offer re-roofing services through the west western Australia
Some reasons why you would consider a roof replacement:


  • Persistent leaks is a good sign it might be time to call in an expert to assess the roof.
  • Re roofing will replace tired broken and cracked tiles and pointing on all top ridge and hips.
  • Due to the age of your roof, original tiles for spares and replacement will be difficult to find.
  • Reroofing removes all dirty, porous and de-laminated tiles.


  • Opportunity to update the look of your home as part of a makeover. The roof can make up to 30% of your home’s façade, so it has a major bearing on the overall look.

Re-Roofing Process

Firstly, South West Roof tiles can call around to your property, conduct a thorough inspection of the roof and then provide you with an honest assessment of your roof condition.

Taking all the information away, South West Roof tiles will then consider the results of the inspection and prepare a written, detailed quotation for the work required. During our very personalized consultation with you, South West Roof Tiles can show you the very latest products on offer from the reputable roof tile manufacturers.

1. Install Safety Rail
safety rail

Safety is a priority. Before commencing any work, and after careful assessment of safety for all parties, a guardrail may be installed around the perimeter of the roof.

2. Remove Old Tiles
remove roof tiles

All the old roof tiles and ridge are removed, as well as the old roof tile battens.

3. Inspect Roof
roof inspection

The roof timbers are inspected to make sure the rafters are sound.

4. Install Sarking
roof sarking

Sarking may be required depending on certain roof design criteria such as pitch. This also has the added benefits of providing insulation and reflects up to 95% of radiant heat entering the roof.

5. Install New Battens**
roof battens

New battens are installed ready for the new roof tiles to be laid.

6. Load Up New Tiles
load up tile

Old tiles are removed and the new roof tiles are sent up to the roof using a conveyor system.

7. Start Laying New Tiles
laying roof tiles

Tiles are laid sequentially up the roof from the gutter line and fixing clips, or nails, are used to secure the roof tiles to the roof.

8. Ridge Tiles Installed
install ridge tiles

Ridge tiles are installed and bedded in place using mortar.

9. Pointing
roof pointing

Pointing is a pre mixed, pre coloured formula of flexible material that covers the grey-bedded mortar.Unlike in previous years where oxide coloured concrete was used as pointing,today this superior product gives added strength to adhesion, is colorfastand compliments your new roof tiles perfectly.

10. Finish

Guardrail is removed and the site is tidied, rubbish bins are taken away and any left over roof tiles removed.