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"Founded on roofing experience and expertise, South West Roof Tiles develops, and markets supply & installation roofing products/services, as well as consulting solutions for the South West region of WA using the principles of high level professional performance, project planning and safe service features to meet the demands and needs of building and customer groups."

At South West Tiles You Deal Directly With Our Team.

Paul Perry Project planning and installation management

43 years experience in the building industry as a qualified roof tiler and director of a roofing company gives Paul a wealth of experience and expertise to assist you not only on your building site/s, but with an acute understanding of the necessity to provide high quality levels of customer service,Paul can provide you or your business excellent customer satisfaction.

Paul is friendly, very accommodating, committed to your requests and works closely with you to ensure your roof tiling needs are met.

Paul is very happy to meet you on your site and discuss/assess you individual roofing needs and is well qualified to give you reliable advice.

0419 612 375

Richard Bromley Project planning and administration

Starting a career in the building industry as a sales clerk coordinator, from Bunbury, then working with, over the last 30 years, WAs leading tile manufacturers in various senior management positions, has given Richard the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to confidently deliver consistently to the building industry, roofing solutions.

Understanding the need for high-level customer service and with the ability to resource whatever is required to meet timely building project deadlines.

Richard is committed to your project.

0412 976 996